Guidelines for Authors of Workshop Proposals

The organising committee for ASWEC 2013 solicits proposals for workshops targeting emerging and/or specialised areas of software engineering. The workshop programme provides an opportunity for researchers to examine novel themes in a focused and somewhat less formal manner than in the main conference. Workshop organisers are accorded considerable flexibility in determining the scope of the workshop, the nature of the submissions and the balance between contributed research papers, position papers and panel sessions. Proposals directly related to one or more of the topics listed in the call for papers are preferred, but high quality submissions exploring other topics will also be considered. Proposals of equal interest to academia and industry are especially welcome. Workshops may serve as a suitable venue for younger researchers - especially graduate students - to present work in progress and receive feedback from a more experienced and diverse, professional audience.

Important Dates:
Proposals due 14 Dec 2012
Acceptance notification 21 Jan 2013
Confirmation of programme 15 April 2013

Workshops will run on the 4th of June, and will be assessed by a panel of academics and industry representatives according to the following criteria :

  • Workshop Topic: novelty, relevance to conference topics and theme, likely interest level.
  • Background and experience of the workshop organisers.
  • Quality of programme committee and proposed keynote speaker or speakers.
  • Quality of proposal: overview material, realistic schedule and budget.

PLEASE NOTE: ASWEC workshops must be self-supporting, and under no circumstances will the main conference sponsor a workshop offering. The workshop budget must reflect this position, detailing expected attendance, revenue and sponsorship levels, as well as the likely cost of keynote speakers and any workshop booklets or electronic proceedings. The main conference will levy a fee for each workshop registrant to cover registration support, catering and venue hire. Workshop organisers are responsible for setting an appropriate registration fee incorporating this charge, but it is normal practice or workshops to offer a substantially discounted rate to those who have registered for the main conference. The ASWEC organising committee will, in consultation with the workshop organisers, determine a break-even point for the workshop, and reserves the right to cancel workshops which do not achieve this number of registrations by an agreed date.

Proposals should, in the first instance, be emailed to; Subject Line: ASWEC2013 Workshop Proposal; in plain text (preferred) or PDF format.

Submissions should include the following information:

  1. Proposed Title
  2. Organiser(s) (including full physical and electronic contact details)
  3. Rationale and Workshop Goals, including relationship to ASWEC themes (200-300 words)
  4. Overview and Scope, as would be expected to appear in a call for papers/participation (200-300 words)
  5. Programme committee, proposed keynote speaker(s) and alternates
  6. Short (1 paragraph) bios of organiser(s), proposed keynotes.
  7. Analysis of likely interest and attendance level, estimated minimum and maximum numbers
  8. Budget, including likely sponsorship and attendance revenues.
  9. Any additional material you believe may support your proposal.