W1 - "Software Engineering in the Cloud"

Organisers - Prof John Grundy and Mr Mohamed Almorsy both of Swinburne University of Technology

Duration - Full day

Location - AGSE 210

Cloud computing has become a popular new approach to IT for many organisations, large and small. Cloud computing uses a pay-as-you-go payment model where organisations lease IT infrastructure and sometimes applications for their needs, ramping up or down capacity as they need and paying for only what they use.

However, engineering complex applications to leverage cloud platforms and elasticity and multi-tenancy concepts is challenging. A number of problems present that are more difficult to overcome than for conventional application software engineering. These include requirements engineering (where clients are often unknown); security engineering (where requirements are often unclear and potential threats unknown); composition (where deployment environment and other applications are often unknown); and evolution and maintenance (where users, requirements, security and deployment environment all may vary over the lifetime of the system).

This workshop for Australasian researchers will discuss ongoing research to address some of the many challenges in software engineering for cloud computing.

Software Engineering in the Cloud: Call for papers pdf